Instagram Grow Tool

Free Chrome extension to grow your instagram following.

Main Features

  1. Get Users Extracts a list of people that an account is followed by and people the account is following. Results can be downloaded as a file in Excel or CSV format.

  2. Like Posts. Will like a list of posts in a feed or hashtag. Start by clicking the "Like posts" button.

  3. Mass follow/unfollow. Will either follow or unfollow a list of user IDs/usernames. Start by clicking the "Follow/Unfollow" button.

  4. Mass block/unblock. Will either block or unblock a list of user IDs/usernames. Start by clicking the "Block/Unblock users" button.

Getting Started


Click on this link to install.

Insta Grow Tool

When you are connected to Instagram, the extension icon is shown in Chrome's toolbar.

Click the icon , and the extension's popup window appears.

Get Users

Generate a List of following/followers

  1. First find the account on instagram that you want to analyse. Then click the extension's icon to display the window.

  2. Set the type of list to be generated. The default value "All" means that all accounts both followers and following will be included inthe list. You can restrict the list to followers only (User is Followed by) or following only (User Follows). Reducing the scope makes the process faster, but please take into account that it affects the generated list.

  3. Optionally limit the number of fetched users. The list returned will contain the most recent activity, so if you have already extracted the list previously you do not need to get the whole list again. Also it is worth noting that the more recent accounts added are more likely to still be active.

  4. Click the "Get Users" button. The process will run in the background, showing progress as it goes.

  5. more likely to still be active.
    Decide if you need the detailed list, if not then untick the box, so that the extraction will stop with basic information only.

Contents of the List

The list is generated in two steps:

  1. Short List. The first phase collects basic information only. This first list will be enough for some purposes and is a lot faster than the detailed list. It will only display the username, the small picture of the profile, and several other attributes.

  2. Detailed Info List. The generation of this list starts immediately when the generation of a short list is completed unless you didn't uncheck the "Start detailed info collection when a short list is generated" checkbox. The getting the detailed info continues in the background, and when it completes, the detailed info list replaces the short list. You can stop the detailed info list generation by clicking the "Cancel getting the detailed info" button. The separate HTTP request should be sent for each account on the list to collect the detailed info; therefore, this process could be really time-consuming when you have a lot of accounts on your list.

The table below explains the information displayed in the short list and in the detailed list.

If you generated a list on your profile, a user and you is the same person. Therefore Followed by you and Followed by user display the same info, and also Follows you and Follows user.

Both lists have sorting and search capabilities.

Export the Generated List into Excel

When the short list or the detailed info list is displayed, it can be downloaded as either an Excel file, or a CSV file, by clicking the "Export to Excel" button.

The export is useful to get the list of user IDs or usernames that could be used as an input for mass follow/unfollow/block.

A detailed list with around 40k feeds will take around 24 hours to complete. When extracting over 100k+ accounts, the process is likey to hang. The Excel export for large lists will take a few minutes, during which time the tab is not responsive. Choose to wait for the process to complete. A CSV download is significantly faster than Excel.

How to Make the Process Faster

Change the extension's options. Right click on the extension's icon in Chrome's toolbar, the context menu will be displayed.

Select the Options menu item and the Options dialog appears.

The picture above displays the default values, if you have never changed the options, you will see the same values as on this picture.

Two options that could improve the performance of the process, but adjust them wisely:

  1. "Page size for fetching users:". The default value is 40, and the maximum allowed value is 50. Extracting 40 users at at time, may be too fast and cause problems, in which case you can reduce to 10 which is a safe value. Increading the value to 50 or over brings no overall speed increase and may block the process, with a constant HTTP400 error.

  2. "Interval between fetching users requests (insta and common), ms:". If the value of delay is too small, the can return HTTP429 error (too many requests, try several minutes later).

The changes will be effective when a new process will start.

Also try to keep the tab active when the process is running, as the Chrome slows down the JavaScript execution for background tabs.

Mass Follow/Unfollow

Follow the Users From the Generated List

When the list of following/followers is displayed, you can apply some filter conditions using the comboboxes and inputs controls in the columns' titles. Click the "Follow all not followed/not requested DISPLAYED users" button. It will display a confirmation dialog.

When you click the OK button, the process starts.

Unfollow the Users From the Generated List

When the list of following/followers is displayed, you can apply some filter conditions using the comboboxes and inputs controls in the columns' titles. Click the "Unfollow ALL DISPLAYED users" button. It will display the text area where you can specify the users to be kept following.

If you want to keep following some accounts, you can put the IDs of these accounts into the text area control. Please pay attention that it should be the user id, not username. Each user id should be put on the separate line. Click the "Start Unfollowing" button, confirm, and the process starts.

Like Posts

From the main popup window, click the "Like posts" button.

A new tab is opened.

Before starting the process, you can change the execution options:

  • You can like the posts in your feed or the posts in someone's else profile. The default option is liking the posts in your feed (I want to like… The posts in my feed).

  • Skip the video posts (default option).

  • Skip your own posts (default option).

  • Like the post only if it already has the certain amount of likes. Default option is 2. The intention is to avoid liking the racist or discrimination posts. You can set it 0 to disable this option.

Set the stop criterion:

  • when a certain amount of posts is liked. Default option and default amount to be liked is 100.

  • when an already liked post was found.

To start the process, click the "LIKE THE POSTS!" button.

Randomization of Delay Interval

If you change the value of delay, the change is effective immediately.

There is an option to randomize the delay between requests, when you provide the value for the random delay.

Mass block/unblock

On the extension's popup applet, click the "Block/Unblock users!" button. Insert the list of the accounts to be blocked/unblocked into the text area and click the appropriate button to start the process. The input is either usernames or user ids. It is better and safer to use user id, as the extension needs to resolve the username to the user id anyway, and also the account's username could be easily changed by the account's owner, but user id always remains the same.

The functionality and behavior is very similar to Mass follow/unfollow.

The same delays' randomization rules as for Liker are effective.

Note! Please take into account that you can accidentally or intentionally unblock the user if you put it (user id or username) into a list for the mass-follow functionality.

Some Usage Tips

  1. Try to keep the extension's tab foreground, as Chrome slows down the JavaScript execution in the background tabs. Chrome also can refresh a tab if the tab was background for a long time; in case of the refresh, the progress and the results will be lost.

  2. Also try to have fewer tabs open when the process is running, as the process could be stopped if there is not enough memory.

  3. Try to use the longer intervals between requests, and also the delays' randomization feature (available for liker, likes' calculation, mass follow/unfollow, mass block).

  4. Respect Instagram action daily limits, and try to have less daily actions in order to not exceed them, they are subject to change, but now it seems about 600 follow actions and 1000 likes per day.

  5. The limits apply to the account, and you can use the extension simultaneously for two different accounts using in non-incognito mode and incognito mode. You need to enable the extension for incognito mode. In addition, you can install the Chromium browser alongside the Chrome browser, and use the extension with it as well.

Known Issues

Possible HTTP Errors

The extension is built to handle the different HTTP errors and retry with the interval of three minutes. Sometimes one retry is not enough, the error repeats, and the countdown begins again. Please be patient and wait, in the most cases it disappears sooner or later.

Constant HTTP400 error

If you are facing the constant HTTP400 error that doesn't disappear after several retries, please read Constant HTTP400 error.

Constant HTTP502 error

Sometimes fetching the user profile, e.g., when calculating likes and comments, you can meet the repeated HTTP502 error.

When instagram decides that you have exceeded reasonable activity it may not respond to requests for several days. This applies to manual follow requests as well.

Sooner or later the issue disappears, and you will be able to fetch all information.

Example User