We help promote your plant-based products and services to help save animals, the environment and people’s health. We help you grow your audience, and organise campaigns that turn leads into sales. That means you can concentrate on what you do best. Wether you are an established brand wanting to reach a wider audience or a startup wanting to get noticed, we have you covered.


We are an international community of vegan professionals and influencers. With a community audience of 20M+ with extremely high average engagement rates of around 5%. With a highly diverse range of interests and passions, we can create highly targeted campaigns. We target by industry: food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel... We target by region : Americas, Europe, Asia, Australasia....


Digital Nomads

We want to bring together a mix of skills, like photography, marketing, social media.... Our base will be next to the co-worker spots and we will have great internet facilities. We will have a professional podcast studio and you can make youtube clips. We will have a drone, gopro, dlsr, lighting etc. as well as support for tools like final cut pro, gimp, corel, etc. We can do head shots, create websites, social media growth.

We have experts who want to teach and startups who want to learn. It is a great place to exchange ideas and knowledge. Take some time off too, to explore and participate in the many activities and trips we have planned.

It's a great place to network. You can combine work and fun.

Thailand Adventure

We will be based in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand for 3 months (Sep, Oct, Nov), and will focus on the veg festival which happens in October and lasts 9 days.

It's a great location up in the mountains, so a little bit cooler, and a great variety of things to see and do. Temples, tea plantations, hill tribes, national parks, elephants....

We will definitely be cycling, as well as trekking :)

We are spending a week in a newly opened, elephant sanctuary. It's a great project, which is rejuvenating a small village.

Thailand tours...




We work with influencers to propose paid shoutouts and campaigns. We look at engagement much more than the number of followers. When you speak, do people listen? Let us market your skills and hook you up with the every growing army of businesses with vegan products and services. Let your social media skills pay.

Influencers get listed for FREE


We work with brands and businesses who want to get their products and services noticed in the vegan community. Let us skyrocket your social media, while you concentrate on what you do best. We target by country and sector, reaching genuine followers looking to learn about the plant based lifestyle.

Brands get listed for FREE


We pay influencers cash to travel with us. Get to see the world and meet your followers at the same time. Your trip is paid, get extra people and it's all extra cash in your pocket. Propose your skills on the trip and get paid for that too. We are looking for coaching and workshops in all areas: chefs, fitness, nutrition, health, culture, art.... Whatever makes you popular, people would love to meet you.

We can propose custom tours to over 40 countries, with our network community of over 3,000 travel experts.

Media Agency

We are a full service media marketing agency and offer consulting on all aspects of vegan business.

Our international team know the language, the culture and the technology. Project management including branding, campaigning, engineering, web site creation, social media management, SEO and analytics. Create the right image with content that looks and sounds professional; language and style are important. Ensure you are reaching the right people and turning leads into sales.



Working with photographers and videographers to create high quality content.


Working with chefs and nutritionists to provide high quality cuisine.


Working with health and wellbeing professionals to help you reach your potential.


Working with fitness coaches, we have lots of fun options: trekking, cycling, swimming, workouts, calisthenics.....


Working with wildlife conservation projects and animal sanctuaries .


Working with photographers and videographers, in our podcast studio.


Working with marketing experts to improve SEO, manage campaigns, turn leads into sales.

Social Media

Growing your network on social media.